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6 Best Fruits For Digestion And Weight Loss- We Should Eat After Lunch!

Stomach problems, digestive issues, and increasing weight can take charge of your body. Your lunch meal could have tasted wonderful, but now it seems to be giving your stomach a hard moment.

Poor eating habits can often trigger indigestion. Indigestion can result in stomach pain, bloating, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and not forget its irritability. It can increase your weight like hell.

There is no need to do a lot of things to  keep your digestive system running healthy, only few things can help.

Several fruits for digestion that have a high fiber content can help aid digestion and assist you in weight loss. As we know, fruits are low in calories, so you can eat them in plenty and still not feel full of your stomach.

If you are going to eat fruits after lunch, you must be aware of which fruits to pick and which ones to avoid. You should avoid high-calorie fruits and those who are rich in natural sugars.

Some examples are avocado, grapes, mango, banana, and dried fruits like raisins and prunes. If you want to eat these fruits for weight loss, calculate your calorie intake, and balance it with your meal.

However, I will highly recommend to avoid them. You must eat fruits for digestion that are high on fiber, improves your digestion, and helps you in weight loss. Some of the fruits that have been known to improve digestion and helps in weight loss are as follows:

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Whether or not the apple can keep the doctor away, it can surely keep many your digestive woes cornered. It is one of the best fruit for digestion.

Apple: Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss
  • Apples are high in pectin fiber. Pectin can provide relief from both constipation and diarrhea, counting on the body’s need.
  • Pectin helps improve digestion due to its soluble nature and skill to bind to cholesterol or toxins within the body and eliminate them out of your system.
  • An apple also keeps you from eating less, thereby aiding weight loss. That’s because apples are full of water and dietary fiber that keeps you full for long.
  • Further, apples are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that keep you healthy by fighting free radicals; they’re related to a reduced risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and disorder.
  • They’re also said to boost up your immune system and whiten teeth.


Green Kiwi Fruits
Kiwi:Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss
  • Eating kiwi can help in better digestion as it is one of the fruits for digestion.
  • Green kiwi has an enzyme called actinidin, which can deliver enhanced digestion of protein.
  • Kiwi is also known to possess a slight laxative effect linked to its high fiber content. Two kiwis provide 20 percent of the daily recommended amount of fiber, which aid digestion, and facilitate colon healthy.
  • Simply adding kiwi or other fruits for weight loss to your diet won’t help; eat this fruit in situ of higher-calorie foods and processed foods.
  • Kiwi pulp isn’t only loaded with fiber, which provides a sense of fullness; the fruit’s little black seeds also bring an honest dose of insoluble fiber, which aids digestion.


Green Round Fruit in Close Up Photography
Guava:Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss

The crunchy and delicious winter fruit is often the answer to several of your tummy issues.

  • Guava is one of the abundant sources of dietary fiber. In fact, as compared to other fruits, just one guava fulfill about 12% of your daily recommended intake of fiber, which makes it extremely beneficial for your digestive health.
  • Additionally, to the present, guava seeds, if ingested whole or chewed, function excellent laxatives too, aiding the smoother passage of stool.
  • It helps you in losing weight by regulating your metabolism. The fruit is rich in protein and good quality fiber, both of which take long to digest, keeping you feeling full for extended and preventing you from indulging in other unhealthy foods.
  • Guava also features a crunchy bite to it and takes longer to eat, adding to fullness emotions.
  • Additionally, raw guavas are pack in less sugar than fruits for weight loss like apples, grapes, and oranges.


Orange Fruits
Oranges:Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss

You can add some zest to your diet with oranges!

  • With only 47 calories per 100 grams, this nutrient-dense fruit isn’t only low-calorie but a negative calorie fruit, meaning it’s fewer calories than the body’s quantity to digest it. As fully loaded with fiber, oranges, keep you full between meals.
  • They also help in easy movement, which is important when trying to reduce.
  • As per studies, the vitamin C in oranges helps in prevention of obesity and weight management. The vitamin also promotes glycemic control and increases the fat burning process, making oranges one among the best fruits for weight loss.
  • Eating oranges after lunch can help in increasing the digestion and will also fulfill the requirement of Vitamin C, which is a powerful enzyme to digest food.
  • It is also helpful to increase your immunity. Eating oranges can also help you to stay away from diseases.


Photo Of Papaya Beside Sliced Lime
Papaya:Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss
  • Papaya improves digestion and offers several therapeutic benefits due to the presence of the enzyme papain.
  • This fruit is chockfull of antioxidants, is rich in fiber, and low on calories.
  • Some studies show that inflammation may hamper weight loss; since papaya fights inflammation, it’s a great fruit to incorporate in your diet.
  • It also helps in weight loss by aiding digestion, cleansing the colon, and fighting constipation.
  • Even the experts say that if you want quick results by eating fruits for weight loss, have papaya for breakfast and afternoon every day. 


Pineapple Fruit With Sunglasses on Sand
Pineapple:Fruits For Digestion, Constipation & Weight loss
  • Recent studies show that pineapple fruit juice helps increase fat breakdown and reduces fat formation.
  • It’s an excellent choice of snack because it is high in nutrients and low on calories. It’s sweet and may thus satiate your appetite, preventing you from indulging in calorie-dense treats.
  • Pineapple is rich in bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that supports the digestion process.
  • In this fruit, the manganese effectively controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels and regulates fat and carbohydrates within the blood, aiding weight loss.
  • Eating pineapple every day can also help in reducing the risk of cancer. It may also boost your immunity and suppress inflammation.
  • Eating pineapple also helps you to recover from surgery or strenuous exercises.

These are the 6 best examples of fruits for digestion,it may also help you to reduce extra fat from your body.

Advice– Fruits are always beneficial to eat. They are the huge source of vitamins and fiber which protect us from many serious disease as well,if we add it in our meal. But the more important thing is, timing ,yes!, you can’t eat every fruits at anytime,sometime it may harm you.

If you know the right time of eating fruits ,you will definitely get the most of the benefits. For example- if you take guava at afternoon or just after the lunch, you wouldn’t have a constipation issue.

And if you want lose your weight naturally ,you should eat an apple in the morning ,just after the brush and take anything after 30 minutes. Within one month your will lose your weight and get the healthy & glowing skin too.

Here i mean to say, every fruits works differently according to timing.

NOTE:- Don’t drink water after eating any kind of fruits, drink at least after 30 minutes.

You guys can also plan Vegan diet.This will improve your quality eating habit and help you to get the desirable weight.Go vegan!

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